Play structure design

Junior Play Structure Vote:

The parent council has been busy working on the design and funding for the new junior play structure. Kids and parents who attended the school barbecue or the school movie night in June got a chance to take a peek at two possible play structure designs and to cast their vote for the best design. By a landslide, the kids’ favorite was a large steel and rope structure featuring slides, monkey bars, and a shaded platform, as well as a separate rope climber. When asked for their comments, the children told us that they liked the variety, large size, and colorful appearance of the structure. We are now working with the supplier to make adjustments to some features of the play structure to make it as exciting as it can be, and to finalize the plans. Thanks to all the students who gave us their feedback. We can’t wait to see this structure in our own playground, and to watch the students swinging, spinning, climbing, and playing tag on it!

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