Update on milk situation

Dear Parents:

Please accept my sincerest apologies if today’s message about the suspension of Pleasant Park’s milk program caused alarm.  We wanted to ensure that you knew as soon as possible, whether or not to pack a drink with your child tomorrow.

Reason for the suspension

Today, we noticed that the milk fridge was having problems maintaining a proper temperature.  This did not affect the quality of the milk served this morning (it was sampled and temperature taken prior to distribution).

However, since we found problems with the fridge, we decided to put the milk program on hold until we are able to buy a more robust and reliable one.

We are looking to resolve the matter as soon as possible.  However this may take a week or two.

In the meantime:


Anyone with milk orders will be credited in the “Hot lunches” system.  (As soon as I know how long it will take to get the milk program back up and running, I will place the credits in your account). You can use the credits for any other purchase during the year, such as popcorn, yearbooks, or Term 2 or 3 food programs.  If there is still a balance outstanding at the end of Term 2, reimbursements will be issued.

If your child is not on the milk list and you still want to participate in Term 1

I did announce yesterday that I am opening up orders for Milk and Wraps, and this is still the case.  If you want to make sure your child can get milk as soon as the program is up and running, you can still go into Hot Lunches and place your order.  Set up your account and leave it as “unpaid”.  As soon as we get our new fridge, I will adjust your balance.  You will receive a message and can then go in and make the payment for the remainder of the term.

Thank you for your understanding.  You child’s safety is our first concern and we are working to ensure this.

If you have any questions about this, please e-mail me at pleasantparkcouncil@gmail.com


Cecilia Lee, the Milk Lady