Solar Youth Power

Dear Parents,

You may be aware that from November 30 to December 11th, governments all over the world will convene in Paris for a high-profile United Nations conference on climate change. The aim of this conference will be to reach a universal agreement that will enable us to combat change effectively and boost the transition towards resilient, low-carbon societies. The Paris conference will have a profound impact on the lives of every single young person alive today, and on all generations to come.

In light of this coming event and sense of urgency to protect the well-being of Canadian children and youth, the board of directors of Cool it for Kids – a local non-profit devoted to giving Ottawa/Gatineau children and youth opportunities to speak up about climate change- together with CHEO’s Green Team have initiated a solar lantern-powered artistic event called “Solar Youth Power.”

On Sunday, November 22 at 4:00 on Parliament Hill, your child has the opportunity to take part in this environmental initiative. The goal of the project is to assemble children and youth aged 5-18 at dusk.  Each person will be given a hand held solar lantern and together with other lantern bearers, they will light up the dark by forming an image of the sun. The image will symbolize the importance and urgency for our newly elected Canadian government to transition our country to 100% renewable energy sources. An aerial photograph of the formation will be taken and circulated widely on social media as part of a global effort to shine the light of hope for a sustainable future.

This event is not during school hours, therefore, if your child would like to participate you are fully responsible for their travel to and from and the event, and their supervision during the event. If you are able to help your child participate in this initiative on Sunday, November 22, please sign this form and have your child bring it back to school. The participating students will be invited to a meeting next week with the executive of Cool it for Kids to learn about more details about this event.

Should you have any questions, please email  Mme Russell will meet the students 1:15pm on Thursday November 12th in Room 112 to discuss the initiative.


Kathleen Russell

Participation Permission Form