2016 Used Book Sale Success – Thank You

Parent Council warmly thanks Diane Lagace for spearheading another successful book sale.  Diane’s message of thanks to students, parents, Pleasant Park staff, community members and sponsors is below.

From Diane Lagace

A HUGE thank you for helping to make our book fair a success last Saturday.  

Thank you to:

  • The many families that donated books at the school drop off;
  • The many families that distributed the flyers around their neighbourhood;
  • Drivers (Karen and Joann), that picked up the generous donations of books
  • Kanata United Church for their donations of over 150 boxes of books to our sale – their sale of 30,000+ books is on Feb 23-25th 2017 for our book worms;
  • Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association for donating young reader books to our sale this year, since they are currently full of books and not taking any donations;
  • Jennifer Gallant who did our press releases including on CTV ottawa morning show: see Let’s Get Reading clip online; great job  – watch for picture in local paper also taken at the sale coming soon;
  • The parents and grandmother (Brenda) that sorted and lifted all our books during the week and nights the week prior to the sale  – just to sort that pile takes surprisingly about 100 hours;
  • Loblaws (Manager Paul Boyer, Elmvale Store) for donating some nice looking pumpkins;
  • Starbucks at the Elmvale Plaza for the donation of coffee for the day;
  • The teachers who came in Friday night and Saturday morning prior to the sale and collected books for their classrooms – this benefits many students;
  • An efficient group of volunteers that set-up the book sale on Friday night by 9:30pm 😄 and then some of the same, and some new volunteers, that did the painful but really fast effort at the end to get the gym empty by 3pm;
  • Drivers: Sabrah, Amy, Erica, Carolyn to drop off all the books to various sources by 4pm 😄
  • Our bakers  – the baking sale table had an excellent assortment and friendly volunteer sales staff – it made ~$400.00
  • The Pleasant Park custodians, with Garry in the lead and Jonathan on duty, for all they did to help us;
  • Volunteers Mothers that came with their older sons that are PP alumni to help us out;
  • Our chili cook / pumpkin organizer, Crystal, who treated us to a delicious lunch and generated more profits;
  • Principle Cousineau for supporting and helping with planning for this event;
  • Our cashiers, as well as Rick who keeps our finances and ability to use credit cards in order;
  • Hawthorne School and their Parent Council for helping us at the event;
  • To all the people that attended the event and bought books – we sold many books to new hands – it is pleasure to promote reading;
  • To the main core of 15 volunteers that made this happen – huge thanks – could not have done it without you – Karen thank you for being a 2nd set of hands;
  • This event is not about raising money – but we can be proud that overall we raised $2709– of which $1000 (½ profit from used book sale) goes to Hawthorne School Parent Council and the rest is used at Pleasant Park to support field trips requests and special projects which benefit your children;
  • I hoped you enjoyed this community school event and welcome any feedback.

Diane Lagace

Please note- hope I did not forget anyone to thank – it really does take a village to make the book sale happen!