Scholastic Festival Du Livre

Drum roll – we have the final numbers from the Scholastic Festival Du Livre Sale that was part of the bookfair at the school on Oct 30th.  We sold just over $1500 worth of new French books and more then 40 families made generous donations of new French books to their childrens’ classrooms.


Our luck draw winner was Spencer Evans and thus he and his teacher Mme. Stephanie, each won $25 worth of books each for his home and classroom, respectively.


From our sales, we got just over $700 worth of new books  and each French teacher in the school took ~$64 worth of books for each class using these points.


Big THANKS to the volunteers that unpacked and packed up the books, families for making donations, the teachers for picking out books, Maureen for helping with counting/paper work in the office, Diane for helping organize, and Margaret-Anne in the library for showing us the ropes.