Family Science Night: 65+ families, 85+ students and lots of science

Matthew Inniss and Purnima Sundar would like to thank all the families that came out to Family Science Night.  Special thanks to the volunteers that helped everything run smoothly – ticket takers Margaret Embleton, Julie Mitchell and Khrysta Pilkington; Carolyn Kropp who sourced and arranged all the snacks and filled in wherever needed; Garry Baker for arranging for extra tables and booking the gym; Aladin Daycare for vacating the gym early for set up; Principal Cousineau for helping with the planning.  Special mention to Lydia Kropp and Claire Kropp, two graduates of Pleasant Park, who not only helped with ticket taking but were assistants for the entire evening in the primary science sessions.

Scientists In School is no stranger to Pleasant Park – year after year they come in to run science programs that tie into the curriculum.  On our Family Science Night they orchestrated four different sessions to encourage our children and families in science.  We hope that families will find time to try some of the other experiments from the take away sheets provided at each session by Scientists In School.

If you missed Family Science Night or want even more family science led by Scientists In School, you can look into the their program with Lee Valley Tools.  The sessions are for different ages and are twice as long as ours on Family Science Night.  The next sessions are January 30th and March 16th.  There is a fee to participate and you can see the details on the Lee Valley Ottawa Seminar page.

Feedback from the exit surveys will be compiled but if you have additional feedback, you can email Matthew.

Some Family Science Night photos below – click to see larger.