⛸️ Skating at Pleasant Park

This winter saw the highest participation of classes skating at Playfair Rink for their Physical Education class.

img_20170221_124132The school has some loaner skates and hockey helmets but the popularity of the program meant it was difficult to have the proper equipment for all students that needed skates or a helmet.    Parent Council recently funded the purchase of some new hockey helmets and replacement laces.  Hockey helmets must be used as they are multi impact and approved for use whereas skateboard/bicycle type helmets are single impact and not approved by Ontario Phys. Ed. Guidelines (OPHEA).


4 boxes of Pleasant Park loaner skates – before and after sharpening

Many of the loaner skates were in need of sharpening and Parent Council had all the loaner pairs sharpened this past weekend.  Many thanks to Canadian Tire at Bank and Heron for giving us a great price on our bulk sharpening order.