Thistle Cres

From Parent Council:

It has come to our attention that there a situation developing on Thistle Cres. It appears that too many cars are parking in the street to drop off and pick up kids from Pleasant Park PS. Because of the snow banks, only 1 car can pass with all the parked cars. Unfortunately, a homeowner’s car that was parked on the street was hit last week. This is concerning to us as the children’s safety is at risk. Please be aware that the residents on Thistle Cres are concerned about their street being used as a shortcut drop off point as well as a concern that emergency vehicles would have limited access in an emergency. We encourage all the parents who drive their child(ren) to school to please use the school’s Kiss ‘N’ Ride. Furthermore, if you are a resident on Thistle Cres and are impacted by this situation, you can contact police at 613-236-1222 and choose the traffic department option. You can request traffic officers to patrol the area. We appreciate your cooperation on this urgent matter.