Welcome back!

Our first meeting is September 25th at 6:45pm in the Library. We hope to see you then!

On behalf of Parent Council, Welcome! Hopefully the first 2 weeks of school have gone smoothly for your families. We want to remind everyone to be safe when walking, biking or driving to school. Please be aware of students crossing side streets and in the parking lot.

Simply being a parent or guardian of a child at Pleasant Park means you are already part of Parent Council. Congratulations!  You can choose to get involved a little or a lot, but either way, we hope you will come out and be part of the conversation.

Parent Council meetings run once a month. We keep things friendly, focused and fun. Attending the meetings is a great way to meet parents, school staff and hear of all the exciting things going on in the school. We have conference calling set up at each meeting for parents if you are unable to attend in person.

At our first meeting on September 25, we will hold elections for any contested and unfilled positions on Parent Council. You can find the self-nomination form here, and use this form to nominate somebody else. Please submit them to Principal Thibeault before September 23.

Roles on the Executive include: Chair/Co-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary.  Their roles can be found here. Find out more about Parent Council on the Pleasant Park Parent Council website. Parent Council also has a very active private Facebook page. Please consider joining to keep up to date on the latest news and events.

Pizza, popcorn and alternative lunches are run by Parent Council and are one of our biggest fundraisers. The bulk of our efforts focus on fundraising and organizing events that enrich the school experience and school community, such as our Book sale, year end BBQ, Movie Nights, Math/Science nights and special speakers. We also contribute to school and classroom needs that cannot be budgeted by the school such as robotics supplies for the Robotics club, the school Play, Kindergarten special events, French and English reading books, sports equipment, field trip bussing and much more. If you have any questions at all, please send a quick note or drop into a meeting.

We hope to see you September 25!