Pizza and Fresh from the Farm are ready to order!!

If you are new to our Pleasant Park Community, our online Hotlunches store is where we handle sales for Pizza, Fresh from the Farm and Popcorn.
All profits from these sales are put right back into our classrooms and school community (i.e., buses for field trips, special events, science/math programs, student club supplies, equipment rentals, etc.).
If you participated in our fundraisers last year, the ordering system is the same. Note that for privacy and security reasons, all hotlunches account information from last year was deleted. So the first step for ordering will be for you to create a new Hotlunches account for 2022/23.
Steps for ordering

  1. Every year you need to make a new hotlunches account. The access code is PPHL
  2. In hotlunches under Profile, use Add Student to add your children attending the school. Please make sure you put the correct homeroom teacher for each student – this is how we know where to deliver your child’s order.
  3. Under Orders – Student Orders your child (children) will be listed where you can click the Order button for the item you wish to order.
  4. Payment. All our payments are done securely through PayPal with no fee to you.

PayPal allows you to pay:

  • With your credit card.
  • From your PayPal account.
  • With an electronic funds transfer from your bank account (a PayPal “eCheck”).

Please note: no exceptions will be made to online payment this year. However, if you have any questions, or issues with your order throughout the year, please email
Weekly Pizza MONDAY!

Pizza is either ordered for the Full Year or per “Term” (Term 1 is for 18 weeks starting Monday, Oct 17th to Monday, Feb 27th), will be supplied by Pizza Pizza, and delivered to your student’s classroom during 2nd nutritional break at 1:15 pm.
Pizza options to be offered:
Individually packaged large slices: Term 1 (18 weeks) = $59.40, or Full Year (34 weeks) = $112.20

  • Cheese $3.30/slice
  • Pepperoni $3.30/slice
  • Vegan/dairy free cheese $3.30/slice

10″ gluten free whole cheese pizza $11.00/pizza – Term 1 (18 weeks) = $198.00, or Full Year (34 weeks) = $374.00

For your student to receive pizza on Monday, Oct 17th, your order and payment have to be in by Thursday, Oct 13th at 11pm.

Students cannot bring money into school to buy pizza since we have no ability to make change, we want to ensure that they have parental permission to buy pizza, and we have to preorder the pizza.

When there is a holiday or snow day on a Monday we will do “Pizza Tuesdays”. No refunds, replacement lunches, or pick up options will be given for missed days due to sickness or vacations.
Fresh from the Farm!

Fresh from the Farm provides schools the opportunity to raise funds by selling fresh, Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables to the community, while promoting healthy eating and supporting Ontario farmers. School delivery of the fruits and vegetables will be scheduled for a date in November through to early December. Your order and payment have to be in by Monday, Oct 10th at 11 pm.

Vegetable Bundle contains: 5 lb white potatoes, 3 lb orange carrots, 3 lb yellow onions, and 3 lb sweet potatoes.
Apple Bundle contains: 8 lb Ambrosia apples

Options to Purchase:

  • Vegetable Bundle = $22.00
  • Apple Bundle = $24.00
  • Food Bank Donation of Vegetable Bundle = $22.00
  • Food Bank Donation of Apple Bundle = $24.00

The School Council thanks you for your support!
If you or someone you know is hungry and in need of a little help, please contact our principal Mark Cruise to discuss options for participation in these programs.