Thank You for Making the PPPS Used Book Sale a Success!

THANK YOU for making the 2022 Pleasant Park used book sale and bake sale another great success!

We achieved our main goal to promote reading by giving our community access to thousands of high-quality books at very affordable prices. Watching kids discover new books has no price tag!

We can also be proud that we raised money for our school from the sale of used books and delicious treats made by our many volunteer bakers.

Together, the book sale and bake sale raised over $1,600 for students at Pleasant Park Public School!

Big thanks to:

  • Our hard-working book sale coordinators Melissa and Laleah;
  • All the people that attended the event and bought books;
  • The many families that donated books at the school drop off – the best books always come from these private collections;
  • The drivers who picked up the generous donations of books from Steve Maclean Public School;
  • All the parents who sorted the books and set up the book sale – sorting all those books and setting them up on tables is a huge job, but all your help made it easy;
  • The Pleasant Park custodians for all they did to help us;
  • Principal Mark Cruise and the office staff for all their support with organizing this event;
  • Farm Boy for the donation of pumpkins sold at the sale;
  • Starbucks Elmvale for the donation of the coffee;
  • Our volunteers who served as cashiers during the sale and worked fast after the sale to clean up and deliver the leftover books to Rockcliffe Public School.

This event requires many hands to make it happen and there is no way it could happen without the support of our many volunteers!

We hoped you enjoyed this community school event!