About School Council

A dedicated and active group of parent and guardian volunteers make up the Pleasant Park Public School Council. The Council is led by an elected executive comprised of two co-Chairs (sometimes previously a single chair), Treasurer and Secretary. Sub-committees responsible for specific activities are led by parent and guardian volunteers who work collaboratively with the Council Executive.

The role of the Pleasant Park School Council is to:

  • offer parents and guardians a forum where they can learn about the latest school activities, curriculum initiatives and news from the OCDSB, as well as a venue to voice their concerns, ask questions and offer feedback directly to school administrators;
  • raise funds for non-essential curriculum items, teacher requests and special projects which benefit the students of the school;
  • coordinate events which engage the students, families, friends and community members to enhance school spirit and awareness;
  • organize and manage resources to help parents and guardians, including relevant guest lecturers and online resources.

School Council is made up of the Executive Committee, Other Council Representatives, Coordinators, school staff and administrators. These roles are further described below:

Executive Committee (parent and guardian members, non-voting) consisting of the following officers:

  • Two Co-Chairs: Together or alternately conduct Council meetings and oversee the activities of the Executive Committee and general Council activity. The Co-Chairs are ex-officio members of all committees established by the school Council and communicate with the principal on behalf of the Council.

Current Co-Chairs: Melissa Faulkner & Kim Hunton

  • Treasurer: Maintains accurate records of all Council financial dealings and prepares monthly and year-end reports which are to be kept available at the school for at least four years. The treasurer has signing authority on Council’s bank account and monitors all fundraising initiatives undertaken by the Council.

Current Treasurer: Angela Campbell

  • Secretary: Prepares and distributes meeting notices, agenda, minutes and monthly newsletters which are to be kept available at the school for at least four years. Receives and distributes incoming school mail.

Current Secretary: David Vlasblom

Other members of Council (parent and guardian members) with specific responsibilities:

  • OCASC representative (may include an alternate representative): Represents Council at meetings of the Ottawa Carleton Assembly of School Councils and reports items of interest back to Council.
  • PRO Grant application/event Coordinators (two positions, one for current school year and one for subsequent school year): Prepares and submits the grant application and organizes the funded event.
  • Webmaster PPPS Council website (may be a shared position): Maintains Council’s website, including regular updates.
  • Other coordinators, any of which may be a shared position, the number and responsibilities of which may vary from year to year at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Possible positions may include:
    1. Fundraiser coordinators (for example, book sale, Fresh from the Farm, movie night)
    2. Event coordinators (for example, connections breakfast for new families, staff appreciation lunch, end-of-the-year BBQ)
    3. Ongoing program coordinators (for example, pizza and popcorn, outdoor initiatives, diversity and inclusion)
    4. Other activity coordinators (for example, cross-country skiing, yearbook, clothing)
  • Members-at-Large, the number of which may vary from year to year at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Staff/Other members (non-parent/guardian) of Council:

  • The school principal (non-voting).
  • A teacher at the school, elected by his/her peers.
  • A non-teaching staff member elected by his/her peers.
  • One community representative who is appointed by a majority vote at a meeting of the school Council.

For more details on recent and specific activities please see the 2020/2021 Annual Report