About Pleasant Park Plays!

Welcome to Pleasant Park Plays!


We are pleased introduce you to Pleasant Park Plays! the playground renewal project of Pleasant Park Public School.

Three years ago, the junior students’ wooden play structure was removed by the School Board due to age and safety concerns. Since then the students in grades 3-6, and countless children in our neighbourhood, have been without a play structure which challenges their athletic abilities and creative sensibilities. Pleasant Park Parent Council has undertaken the responsibility to raise the necessary funds to replace the play structure with an imaginative, multi-functional and fully accessible structure which will encourage movement, balance, exercise and teamwork.

playstructurepic_04_2014You may ask why a fundraising campaign is needed at all. The answer is simple: School Board and City grants cannot cover the total costs of the play structure and the installation of wheelchair accessible surfaces (Board and City grants only total $15,000). So over the past two years Parent Council has organized fundraising events, applied for grants and has asked for support from individuals and businesses to get closer and closer to the $80,000 needed to pay for the entire project and have it installed by the spring of 2015.

Today, we are more than half-way to our fundraising goal. With your support, at any level, we can and will reach our goal!

For more information on the levels of support and the associated benefits, see the Donation Options tab.

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