Meeting Minutes/Documents

Some networks (e.g. GOC) may not allow you access to these documents.

2020/2021 School Year

October 7, 2020   Minutes – Draft Version   Agenda


2019/2020 School Year

June 2020   Financial Report   Minutes   Agenda 

May 2020   Minutes   Agenda

February 2020   Minutes   Agenda

January 2020   Minutes   Agenda

November 2019   Minutes   Agenda

October 2019   Minutes   Agenda

September 2019   Minutes

2018/2019 School Year

May 2019 Agenda

April 2019 Minutes

April 2019 Agenda

March 2019 Minutes

2018.Dec.12 documents

2018.Sep.19 documents


2017/2018 School Year

2018.May.16 documents

2018.Apr.25 documents

2018.Feb.21 documents

2018.Jan.24 documents

2017.Dec.13 documents

2017.Nov.15 documents

2017.Oct.18 documents

2017.Sep.20 documents


2016/2017 School Year

2017.May.17 documents

2017.Apr.19 documents

2017.Mar.22 documents

2017.Feb.15 documents

2017.Jan.18 documents

2016.Dec.14 documents

2016.Nov.23 documents

2016.Oct.26 documents

2016.Sep.21 documents


2015/2016 School Year

2016.May.18 documents

2016.Apr.20 documents

2016.Feb.17 documents

2016.Jan.20 documents

2015.Dec.16 documents

2015.Nov.18 documents

2015.Oct.21 documents

Minutes from 2015.Sep.30


2014/2015 School Year

Minutes from 2015.Jun.17

Minutes from 2015.May.20

Minutes from 2015.Apr.15

Minutes from 2015.Feb.18 are not yet available

Minutes from 2015.Jan.21

Minutes from 2014.Dec.10 

Minutes from 2014.Nov.19

Minutes from 2015.Oct.15

Minutes from 2014.Sep.17


2013/2014 School Year

Minutes from 2014.Apr.16

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