Welcome to a New School Year!

On behalf of the School Council Executive, welcome to new families and welcome back to returning families! We hope that all of you had an enjoyable, safe summer and you were able to disconnect and take some time away.  Hopefully the first week of school has gone smoothly for you and your children.

Did you know that simply being a parent or guardian of a child at Pleasant Park means you are already a part of School Council?  The meetings are open to all parents, guardians, and care givers of children at Pleasant Park and you can choose to get involved a little or a lot, but either way, we hope you will participate and be a part of the conversation.

School Council meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:45. We keep things friendly, focused and fun. Attending the meetings is a great way to meet other parents, guardians, care givers and school staff and to hear of all the exciting things going on in the school.

We’re very excited to be returning to in person meetings this year, however if you’re unable or uncomfortable coming in person we will have a virtual option available as well (link to be sent out with agenda prior to meeting).  

This school year’s first meeting will be held on Wednesday September 28th, in the school library at 6:45 where we will hold elections for any contested and unfilled positions on School Council. You can find the self-nomination form here, and use this form to nominate somebody else. Please submit them to Principal Cruise by September 23rd.  

If you are wondering what the role School Council plays in the school community as well as what the roles of the Executive and Coordinators are, they can be found here.  Or, find out more about what we are doing here on the Pleasant Park School Council website, the School Council private Facebook page or sign up for the School Council mailing list sign up here.

On behalf of the current council Executive, a big thank you for your participation and support over past years and years to come.  Best of luck to your children in their future endeavors.

Meet the OCDSB Trustee Candidates Zoom Meeting


Come and meet the candidates for Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Trustee for Zone 9 (Capital/Alta Vista)!  We will be hosting the three registered candidates in an informal hybrid format on THURSDAY October 6 from 7 to 8pm.  The in-person event will take place in the gym at Pleasant Park Public School.  A Zoom link is given below for those who wish to attend virtually.  This friendly meet-and-greet will allow parents to get to know the candidates before the upcoming municipal election to be held on Monday, October 24.  Hope to see you there!

Topic: PPPS Council Meet the Candidates Zoom Meeting

Time: Oct 6, 2022 19:00 Eastern Time

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 929 6802 7895
Passcode: yh2ZBp 

PPPS received a $15,000 grant from Desjardins. You can help us win $5,000 more!

The PPPS School Council is excited to announce that our Outdoor Classroom Project has received a $15,000 grant from Desjardins Ontario Credit Union.

Up to $200,000 was awarded to support meaningful projects in Ontario communities and our efforts to increase outdoor education for our students caught their attention. The funding brings our fundraising total to almost $30,000 so far and we are well on our way to building a 30-student outdoor classroom on the grounds of the school in 2023. 

Thank you to Desjardins, for recognizing the merits of our project and supporting organizations working hard to have positive impacts in their community.

Help us win $5,000 more! Desjardins announced the winning projects today and invites the public to vote for their favourite project. The project with the most votes at the end of the week wins an extra $5,000. Pleasant Park Public School could win! Please help by voting and sharing with your friends and family.  

Please click here and “Like” our the photo of our PPPS project and share with friends and family!

Join Us for End of Year Pleasant Park School Celebration – Thursday, June 23 4pm-7pm

(Rain date Friday June 24th)

All families. staff and friends of Pleasant Park School are invited!

Pre-order food by Thursday June 16th at: 

Sign up to bake a cake or volunteer for 30 min – 1 hr to help us make this event at success at: https://signup.com/go/BUOxGeu 

Bring your lawn chairs and plan on coming to play outdoor games, and enjoy/join in for some live outdoor performances: 

  • Bert from Bubble Birthdays (~4:30pm);  
  • Luv2Groove Dance Group (~5:30pm); and
  • Ottawa Magician Chris Pilsworth (~6:15pm). 

We welcome you to also bring your own picnic dinner or pre-order food. There are a variety of food options to order including BBQ burgers, hotdogs, Halal chicken, and some fancy ice cream/freeze treats. We are only accepting orders in advance this year since we do not want to waste food and to reduce the line up for food.  You can order online at our website, or if you can not order online visit the office of the school anytime during school hours to get a paper form to fill in and make a payment at the main office (through either exact cash, or cheque made out to Pleasant Park School Council).  Food orders are available up to midnight on Thursday June 16th and there are no refunds, including if the weather necessitates the use of our rain date on Friday June 24th 

BAKERS AND CAKE LOVERS: CAKE AUCTION! See the attached flyer below for more details on this school tradition.  Sign up here to bake a cake: https://signup.com/go/BUOxGeu  

TO MAKE THIS A SUCCESS WE NEED VOLUNTEERS AND A FEW ITEMS TO BORROW (sign here here: https://signup.com/go/BUOxGeu :  If you can offer 30min-1hr of your time on the day of the event, we could really use help to make this event happen.  There is a job for everyone and it is fairly easy work with lots of rewards given by smiling kids.  High school students who are also looking to get credit for volunteer hours, just bring your form to be signed to the event.  If you have a larger cooler with wheels to store drinks or a portable outdoor tent that you are willing to lend us for the event, please sign up and we will be in touch.  

WHO IS COVERING THE COSTS OF THE EVENT?  When ordering online for food there is the option to add a donation of $5 per family to help cover the costs of the event (performers, rental of games etc).  School council has a very tight budget since all our pizza/popcorn sales went to the outdoor classroom fundraising account, so if you do not order food, but wish to donate please use this website.  

STUDENTS CAN NOT STAY AT SCHOOL IN ORDER TO ATTEND THE EVENT:  There will be a regular dismissal on the day of the event and aside from students attending Aladin, all students will need to leave the school in order for the volunteers to set up the event for a 4pm start.   

We have not been able to host our annual year-end celebration for 2 years and are delighted that we can come together outside following Ottawa Public Health and OCDBD guidelines.Any questions, please email pleasantparkcouncil@gmail.com or call the main office to leave a message for a parent volunteer to call you back.


Waitlist started…

We had to close sales for yearbooks since the school had to order in advance and we have had great sales and sold out for this year!

Hope everyone got one ordered that wanted a book.  If you are disappointed, we have set up this waitlist in case we have a big need and are able to obtain more yearbooks.

Sign up for to be on the waitlist at this website: https://forms.gle/4hZNCMXfEyxRt9qG8



– إغلاق مبيعات الكتب السنويّة.

 -إعلان عن بدء قائمة الانتظار للطَّلب من جديد.

لقد اضطررنا إلى إغلاق مبيعات الكتب السنويَّة لأنّ المدرسة كانت قد عمدت إلى الطلب مقدَّماً، و من ثمَّ حققنا مبيعات كبيرة، لذلك نفد رصيدنا منها هذا العام!

آمل أن يكون الكلّ قد حصلوا على الكتب التي طلبوها.

في حال كون البعض قد شعروا بالخيبة لعدم تبقّي المزيد من الكتب، فقد قمنا بإعداد قائمة الانتظار هذه في حال كانت الطلبات كافية لنتمكَّن من الحصول على المزيد من الكتب السّنوية.

بإمكان الراغبين بالحصول على الكتب، أن يقوموا بالتسجيل ليكونوا في قائمة الانتظار على هذا الموقع:


End of Year Pleasant Park Clothing and Yearbook Sales

Order by Sunday, May 29

School Council and the staff at Pleasant Park have organized end of year clothing and yearbook sales.  

The 2021/2022 yearbook includes a page of names and photos per homeroom class as well as several “around the school” pages highlighting photos submitted by staff and students. A cover contest was run at the school to determine the student-created front and back cover for the yearbook and we are excited for everyone to see how it turned out!

See the flyer that shows the Pleasant Park clothing items that are available to purchase with size charts provided.  Notice that there are both youth and adult sizes (mainly for staff and some of our older students), as well as options in cotton (like last year) or polyester (dryfit, new this year).  We also have available for the first-time, baseball hats – just in time for summer!

The cost of the clothing and yearbook is what we are paying for the item, so there is no fundraising associated with these sales for the school or school council.  

In previous years, we have had generous families offer to purchase clothing items or yearbooks for donation to the school.  If there are families that wish to donate items, for the yearbook there is an item called yearbook for donation that you can order, and for the clothing you can add any items for donations to your order online.   Any donated items are provided to students at Pleasant Park through the staff.  

To order go online to pleasant park school hot lunch site: https://pleasantpark.hotlunches.net/ where many of you already have an account setup from buying pizza or popcorn.  

  1. If you do not have an account, click on  “Click here to register” that is underneath the login space, since everyone must create an account. 
  2. Then click on “Profile” to “Add Students” (if you have not already listed your students)
  3. Then go under “Orders” on top black bar, or “Manage Orders” button at the bottom and click on “Order” in Pleasant Park Clothing Order and/or Yearbook 2022 box.
  4. You can pay visa or PayPal through use of the link “Pay now thru PayPal”.  Note there is no requirement to go sign up for PayPal account, nor agree to receive their marketing to be able to purchase.  If you require payment using cheque (payable to Pleasant Park School Council) or cash, then email pleasantparkcouncil@gmail.com to organize payment.  

The clothing and yearbooks will arrive approximately the last 2 weeks of school and there will be an email sent with information about the location for pickup once the order has arrived.  Please note that the clothing supplier has let us know that there are a few items that may be on backorder due to supply chain issues, so like last year we may have an additional pickup time in the summer months if required. 

If you cannot order online or have any issues with ordering online or payment prior to the deadline, please email pleasantparkcouncil@gmail.com (preferred method) or call the school and leave a message for School Council and a parent volunteer will call you back. 

Last Chance to Order Pizza Before Midnight Friday April 15!

Big thanks to all the families supporting our pizza and popcorn fundraiser.  

Reminder that Thursday April 14th is popcorn day, since Friday is a school holiday. You can send your student with $2.50 and they can buy a bag at school during nutritional break, or you can preorder online up to Wednesday midnight prior to weekly popcorn delivery.

For pizza – due to parent requests we have reopened the website for last opportunity to enter pizza orders up till midnight Friday April 15th for delivery to the classroom each Monday for rest of school year. Next delivery is Tuesday April 19th since Monday is a holiday. 

Order here: https://pleasantpark.hotlunches.net

Reminder that if you ordered pizza and your student is away, there are no refunds, but if you want you can pick-up the slice(s) at the school main office between 12:45-1:30pm on day of delivery.  

If you have any questions, feedback, or issues, please email pleasantparkcouncil@gmail.com.

Monday Pizza and Friday Popcorn return to Pleasant Park School!

This is a fundraising event being organized by school council to help us buy an outdoor classroom for Pleasant Park School and our community.


We are ordering from Pizza Pizza through its school program that will allow it to be delivered to the school in an individually packaged slice for each student to enhance safety.  
Options include

  • large slice of cheese pizza: $3.50
  • large slice of pepperoni pizza: $3.50
  • Gluten-free cheese pizza (small individual 10″ pizza): $12
  • Dairy-free (vegan) cheese pizza (small individual 10″ pizza): $10

The first pizza order will arrive next Monday April 11th and the last delivery will be on Monday June 27th (total 12 weeks). For pizza, you need to order the same type of pizza for each week and order for the 12-week period. ($42.00 total for once slice of pizza each week.) 

Deadline to order pizza is this Friday April 8th before midnight to receive pizza for your student on next Monday April 11th.  

There are two Mondays that are a holiday, so we will have pizza Tuesdays instead on April 19th and May 24th.  

Students cannot bring money into school to buy pizza since we have no ability to make change, we want to ensure that they have parental permission to buy pizza, and we have to preorder the pizza.
If you can only pay via cash and/or cannot use the website to order, please come to the main office to get a paper order form that you can complete and leave at the main office of the school with your cash order.  

No refunds or replacement lunches will be given for missed days due to sickness or vacations.


We also are offering popcorn every week on Friday for $2.50 per bag. Our first popcorn day will be Friday April 8th.

You do not have to order for the term. You can order for each Friday up to Wednesday midnight before Popcorn day.

Popcorn is popped locally by Papa Jacks just a couple kilometers from our school. Flavours are listed on the online form.

Student can bring in $2.50 on Popcorn Day to buy at the school instead of ordering online. However cash sales on popcorn Friday are limited to what is left over, so we strongly encourage you to pre-order to reduce the amount of disappointed little faces.

If there is a holiday or PD day, we will do Popcorn Thursday as listed online.
Popcorn will be left in the classroom for any student who are away and missed Popcorn Friday due health, vacation, etc.


All our payments are done securely through PayPal with no fee to you.

PayPal allows you to pay with your credit card or from your PayPal account.

We use this site to save paper, save your time, and allow us to easily track our fundraising that is supporting Pleasant Park School!

If you have any questions, or issues with your order, please email pleasantparkcouncil@gmail.com.

Help build our Outdoor Classroom at PPPS !

3, 2, 1 – launch! Fundraising is underway to add a full outdoor classroom to the school grounds.

Starting in 2020, your School Council worked hard to enhance outdoor education opportunities for our students and staff to help weather the pandemic. Phase I saw the purchase and installation of 6 wooden picnic tables to promote outdoor learning in the school yard. Phase II saw the installation of a human sundial in the kindergarten yard. Now we’re going BIG, with the start of fundraising for a full outdoor classroom to seat 30 students.

This is a large project, expected to cost between $50,000-60,000 and requiring tapping into our large school and neighbourhood community through donations and grants.

What can you do? Together – Let’s Enhance the Park!

  1. Kick off your support with a donation below
  2. Share this page with neighbours and businesses
  3. Join our committee by emailing pleasantparkcouncil@gmail.com

Thank You for Supporting PPPS Through Fresh from the Farm!

Hi Pleasant Park community,

Fresh from the Farm orders are now closed. Parent Council is projected to have raised approximately $900 to support the school. In addition, we have received orders for over 65 bundles of vegetables and apples to be donated to the food bank to support families in our community. We apologize for the technical issues we experienced and are thrilled by the support of the Pleasant Park Community. 

For those who did purchase bundles for pick up, they will be delivered to the school sometime between November 8 and December 9th. As soon as a date is confirmed, we will communicate the pick up date and location.

Thank you for your participation in the Fresh from the Farm fundraiser!