Play structure design

Junior Play Structure Vote:

The parent council has been busy working on the design and funding for the new junior play structure. Kids and parents who attended the school barbecue or the school movie night in June got a chance to take a peek at two possible play structure designs and to cast their vote for the best design. By a landslide, the kids’ favorite was a large steel and rope structure featuring slides, monkey bars, and a shaded platform, as well as a separate rope climber. When asked for their comments, the children told us that they liked the variety, large size, and colorful appearance of the structure. We are now working with the supplier to make adjustments to some features of the play structure to make it as exciting as it can be, and to finalize the plans. Thanks to all the students who gave us their feedback. We can’t wait to see this structure in our own playground, and to watch the students swinging, spinning, climbing, and playing tag on it!

Playground fundraising update

Hi all!
This message is, first, to welcome and thank several people who at the movie night indicated their willingness to contribute to the playground effort – bless their hearts! A huge round of applause to Tania (of G Whillikers fame), Karla, Seline, Margaret, and Karin. We very much appreciate you taking the bold move of sharing your names and contact information… You’ll be hearing more from this group! Our gang, now officially known as “Pleasant Park Plays” is a keener bunch of busy folks who each find our own ways during our variously crazy lives to give to this project.
Second, I’d like to remind/inform you about our next Pleasant Park Plays committee meeting, this Tuesday night, May 8th, 6:30-8:00. Our resourceful friend Sara has kindly booked  the Keystone room at United Way Ottawa, 363 Coventry Rd for this meeting. Tania, Karla, Seline, Margaret, and Karen, you are cordially invited to join us – however, if for whatever reason it doesn’t work for you, no problem – I can fill you in on details later. Anyone unable to come, please let me know if you have thoughts/comments related to any of the agenda items below that you’d like brought forward on Tues.
On the agenda so far are the following:
1. Approval of revised donation forms and FAQ (Cecilia)
2. Updated work plan – includes publicity for the BBQ, movie night promotion, attending kindergarten information night, education week May 8-9 (sandwich boards)
3. Donor spreadsheet – names of businesses – please bring names of suggested businesses to solicit for donations
4. Permission form for photos at events – keep copies on hand
5. Thermometer update…. $8699 in April 2012 + $1200 from Wal-Mart + $1000 from movie night + $100 from G Whillikers Easter week fundraiser = $10,799!
6. Other fundraising opportunities – essay contest at Landscape Structures/ABC Recreation on inclusive playgrounds ($15-50K in equipment). Others?
7. Playground design – I am hoping to get the second set of design proposals/quotes I promised a month ago, and hope to have them by Tuesday!
8. Other updates (e.g., publicity)?

The new playground!

The Pleasant Park PS Parent Council has started a fundraising campaign to raise money for playground improvements.

We will need at least $80,000 to replace the junior play structure (grades 3-6) which was removed due to wear and tear.
To get a better idea about what students and teachers might want to see done in the yard, Council conducted a small survey. Its results, along with consultations with School Board planners, will be used to plan a new play structure.
We estimate the work will cost about $80,000 including site preparation, the structure and the installation of additional shaded seating in the junior, primary, and kindergarten yards.

The City of Ottawa and the School Board may contribute a portion in grant funds.

Please see the Playground Options page for more info.

If you have questions, have ideas or would like to help out, please e-mail Cecilia at or Danika at


Input from some of our students on what they would like to see in the yard…

What do you do at recess now?

“I do lots of boring stuff, like walking around talking and other boring stuff”

“During recess I play with my friends. I was so happy that I was going to have the play structure.”

“Walking around looking for things to do like turn a skipping rope for someone. I just try to help.”

“I play donkey with my friends. Donkey is a fun game and I play it every day every recess.”

“Normally, play cops and robbers. If not, something random.”

What would you like to do at recess?

“Play on a play structure like the last one”

“I like what I do now, but maybe when I’m playing outside it would be more fun with a play structure [“play structure” surrounded by stars].”

“I’m good with what I’ve got, but I wish we still had our play structure.”

“I want to get a new structure to play games on.

“Play on a play structure that has a lot of fun additions like monkey bars and various slides.”





A play structure



Swing set






Get a better sports + soccer field



Hockey rink in winter






Do what I usually do



Ball hockey with nets



Hedge maze