Outdoor Classroom

When the pandemic restricted school activities and facilities and it became apparent that increasing outdoor education opportunities at school would benefit students and educators, parents and guardians took action. School Council created an Outdoor Education Committee in 2020 to explore what the school needs to promote outdoor education, consisting of engaged parent volunteers.

We’ve done parent/guardian and teacher surveys, liaised with the OCDSB School Board and in spring of 2021 launched Phase 1 of our Outdoor Education Initiative with the purchase of 6 wooden picnic tables for the school yard. In the fall of 2021, volunteers installed a human sundial on the asphalt in the Kindergarten yard under parent volunteer and astronomer Ismael Moumen.

Phase II launched in the fall of 2021 with the decision to focus efforts on installing an Outdoor Classroom at PPPS. This project is a large fundraiser, expected to cost between $50-60,000 and requiring large scale fundraising and grant writing to accomplish. Together, we’re going to enhance the Park for future generations of students and educators!

Update for fall 2022

PPPS received a $15,000 grant from Desjardins Ontario Credit Union in July. With parent donations and fundraising through our school programs, we have $30,000 fundraised so far. Thank you PPPS community and thank you Desjardins! The school board has offered to contribute to our project as well, leaving us with just $10,000 to fundraise before our target of March 2023 for installation in the summer of 2023. We are so close to our goal!

Individuals and businesses can donate below, or if there is another way you’d like to help, email pleasantparkcouncil@gmail.com

Outdoor classroom examples: