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1.       What is Pleasant Park Plays?

Pleasant Park Plays is a playground fundraising campaign in support of Pleasant Park Public School (PPPS).  The school offers Early French Immersion to about 400 students living in South-Central Ottawa (generally from Smyth Road to Walkley Road; Russell Road to Fairbanks Avenue – see page 3 for boundary map).  The staff and parents of PPPS are committed to providing high quality education and support programs, as well as fostering character development, community awareness (local and international). Extracurricular activities such as sports, music and drama are also offered.

The school has the benefit of a large playground, which is not fenced.  All features (basketball hoops, courts, play structures, soccer field, etc.) are used by the neighboring community year-round.

2.       Why does PPPS need a new play structure?

The school has space for 3 play structures (one each for kindergarten, elementary, and primary grades).  The structure for primary students (grades 3-6) was deemed unsafe in 2010 and taken down.  It would cost $100,000 to replace it and implement other playground improvements. Schools must follow very high safety requirements; play structures must be sourced from specialized suppliers and installed according to strict standards.

3.       How does the school community feel about this?

The children want their play structure back, most of all. Everyone was very disappointed to see the old structure go.  In the long-term, the other structures will need to be replaced, too.  Teachers and parents also see potential for the large outdoor space to benefit the children through other uses: outdoor classrooms, gardens, shade zones and nature pathways.  Parent council is developing a longer term plan for these possibilities.

4.       How are school play structures funded?

The City and the School Board offer grants totalling a maximum of $15,000, and the school community must raise the rest. The estimate for site preparation alone is almost $25,000. Purchase and installation would cost $60,000 – $65,000. While the parent council actively fundraises for the school’s needs (such as materials for reading, music, drama, sports, field trips), it would take over 10 years of bake sales, bottle drives, and movie nights to raise this kind of money.

Parents have made direct donations themselves and are intensifying efforts to raise the rest of the funds.  That is why we are asking local businesses to help.

5.       How will donors be acknowledged?      

The school board will issue charitable receipts for all donations of $25 or more. Donations will be acknowledged on our website, as well as in the school (for large donations).  We would like to publicly acknowledge all contributions, but will respect requests for the information to be kept private.

Contributions from other charities will be acknowledged, however, charitable receipts cannot be issued.

6.       What will the new play structure look like?

The new structure will offer ample space for climbing, sliding, swinging, dangling … silliness of all sorts!


7.       How do I donate?       


See donation options at the donation page 

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